Sky Organics, Organic White Beeswax, 16 oz (454 g)


  • Brands製造元 : Sky Organics
  • プロダクトコード Product Code: SYO-00718
  • UPCコード : 856045007180
  • サイズ: 0.56 kg, 10.3x7.0x2.3 in
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  • 100% Pure Grade A
  • Triple Filtered & Cosmetic Grade
  • USDA Organic
  • NOP Certified by Ecocert.
  • Sky Organics 100% Pure, USDA Organic Triple Filtered Beeswax is one of the finest & purest beeswax anywhere. Our beeswax is triple filtered to remove all impurities and contaminants. Beeswax is a natural wax produced by bees. It is used in the making of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Beeswax has a wide variety of uses such as in skin moisturizers, creams, lip balms, and soap making. Beeswax is nature's skin softener and skin healer. It provides deep penetrating moisture, softens dry irritated skin and creates a protective layer. Beeswax is also ideal for candle making. Candles burn cleaner than paraffin candles, and contain none of the harmful chemicals found in other candles. Beeswax candles smell great and have a natural honey scent. They are great for people who are sensitive to perfumes or have allergies.


    To melt Beeswax, the double boiler method is recommended. Use Beeswax to create your own beauty products, body butters, balms, and more. Melting point for this product is 145° (63°C).