Terry Naturally, CuraMed + OPC、クルクミン&グレープシード、ソフトジェル60粒 (Discontinued Item)


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  • Powerful Protection
  • Brain. - Heart. - Breast. - Colon. - Liver. - Prostate.
  • Reduce Risk of Oxidative Damage
  • Clinically Studied Ingredients
  • For Your Good Health
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Manufactured by a cGMP Facility
  • EuroPharma
  • Powerful Curcumin with French Grape Seed VX1 and Turmerones

    Reduce Your Risk of Oxidative Damage

  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Liver
  • Prostate
  • It may be silent, and you can't feel it, but oxidative stress can damage the DNA inside your cells. You need powerful compounds to fight back. But in order to work, they must be effectively absorbed. CuraMed +OPC features 3 full-strength ingredients with proven absorption and efficacy that can provide life-changing benefits:

  • CuraMed Curcumin - is the most clinically studied, enhanced absorption curcumin in the world. Provides higher absorption and greater retention time than turmeric.
  • French Grape Seed Extract VX1 - contains low molecular weight, tannin-free OPCs for the highest absorbability.
  • Turmerones - from turmeric oil (standardized to 60%), especially ar-turmerone, provide beneficial compounds for cellular health not found in standard curcumin.
  • This effective formula provides the targeted cellular protection you need to support healthy aging and reduce the risk of oxidative damage. It's the natural choice to promote overall well-being, every day.

    BCM-95 Curcumin and French Grape Seed Extract are backed by extensive research in peer-reviewed journals.


    1-2 softgels daily. May increase as desired.

    サービングサイズ: 2ソフトジェル
    コンテナ当たりの摂取量: 30
    サービングあたりの金額 %DV
    ウコンエッセンシャルオイルで強化され、クルクミノイド複合体(クルクミン、デメトキシクルクミン、ビスデメトキシクルクミン)、フレンチグレープ(Vitis vinifera)種抽出液(VX1)、99%以上のポリフェノールを含有するように標準化されたクルクミン(Curcuma longa) > = 80%OPCs、ウコン(Curcuma longa)超臨界CO 2技術によって抽出され、合計ターメルンの60%以上を含有するように標準化されたリゾゾーム油
    575 mg **