Epic Dental, オールデイドライマウススプレー、マイルドミント、2.0オンス (60 ml) (Discontinued Item)


  • Brands製造元 : エピックデンタル
  • プロダクトコード Product Code: EPD-00601
  • UPCコード : 858290006017
  • サイズ: 0.12 kg, 2.2x5.2x1.1 in
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rapidly Moistens
  • Soothes Oral Tissue
  • Freshens Breath
  • Alcohol-Free
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • 44% Xylitol
  • Helps relieve dry mouth symptoms conveniently and rapidly, whenever and wherever you need it.


    Spray directly into mouth, onto tongue. Rub tongue over teeth and gums for at least 5 seconds. Use as needed.

    Safe to swallow. For best results, do not rinse with water immediately after use.