Enzymatic Therapy, ビタミンD3、チョコレート風味、5,000 IU、チュワブルタブレット90錠 (Discontinued Item)


  • Dietary Supplement
  • What Better Feels Like
  • Great-Tasting Chocolate Flavor
  • Sugar-Free Chewable Tablets
  • Laboratory Tested - Purity, Safety & Performance
  • Vitamin D3 5,000 IU Chewables are the convenient way to increase your daily intake of the bioactive form of Vitamin D to help:

  • Boost calcium absorption for healthy bones/teeth
  • Support a strong immune system
  • Promote healthy cell growth & development
  • ご使用の目安

    Recommendations: Adults take 1 tablet per day with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed recommended dose.

    1 回分の服用量: 1錠
    タブレットあたりの金額 %DV **
    総炭水化物 <1 g <1%**
    ビタミンD(コレカルシフェロールとして) 5,000IU 1,250%