Enzymatic Therapy, シー バディーズ、 免疫防衛、 60チュアブル スパークルベリータブレット


  • Dietary Supplement
  • Purity, Safety & Performance - Laboratory Tested
  • When children aren't feeling their best, it affects everyone in the family. Sea Buddies Immune Defense features elderberry, zinc and vitamins C, B6 and A to strengthen the immune system and help your child feel better faster. Plus, it's safe to take every day. Best of all, your kids will love the flavor of these delicious, chewable tablets. With Sea Buddies Immune Defense, feeling good never tasted so great!


    Chew one tablet daily. When extra support is desired: Children age two to less than four years: chew two tablets daily. Children age four years and over: chew two to four tablets daily.

    一回あたり 1錠
    1錠あたりの量 2歳未満〜4歳未満の子供のための%DV *** %DV *** 4歳以上の子供
    総炭水化物 1g ** <1%***
    <1 g ** **
    ビタミンA(βカロチンとして) 1,000IU 40% 20%
    ビタミンC(アスコルビン酸およびアスコルビン酸ナトリウムとして) 100 mg 250% 167%
    ビタミンB6(ピリドキシンHClとして) 2 mg 286% 100%
    亜鉛(アスコルビン酸亜鉛として) 2 mg 25% 13%
    ヨーロピアンエルダー(Sambucus nigra)ベリーエキス4:1 40 mg ** **