CNP Laboratory, Mugener Ampule, 15ml (Discontinued Item)


  • Brands製造元 : CNP Laboratory
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  • Intensive Facial Soothing Solution
  • Enriched ampule to soothe skin redness and blemishes.

    The Mugener Ampule contains snail mucus extract which works to relieve redness, calms blemished skin and soothes sensitive skin effectively.

    - Soothing: Calms sensitive skin and helps to relieve skin redness, blemishes and irritation.

    - Heals Troubled Skin: Glycosaminoglycans and Allantoin heal troubled skin and increase skin’s regeneration rate to restore skin to its original condition.

    - Intensive Hydration: High quality natural ingredients are used to enhance hydration levels in skin and improve skin elasticity.

    - Strengthen Skin's natural barriers: Strengthens skin’s natural barriers against external environmental factors.

    Good bye! Red skin

    It is an enriched healing ampule restoring sensitive red skin quickly.

    Defusing red skin through defusing skin quickly

    It is effective to take care of very sensitive skin that can be easy to be damaged and to defuse red skin with troubles.

    It is an enriched ampule with bioactive ingredients from nature that is effective to defuse very sensitives skin or red skin with troubles.

    Supplying moisture to the inside of skin

    Maintaining moisture of skin as bioactive ingredients from nature are mixed ideally

    Maintaining strong healthy skin against troubles

    Ingredients such as Glycosaminoglycans, allantoin and so on restore skin troubles and return the skin to normal one and make skin healthy.

    Promoting restoration of red sensitive skin.

    It defuses very sensitive skin and improves red one with bioactive ingredients from nature.

  • Madecassoside, Glycosaminoglycans : Those help improve skin troubles and to repair skin Defusing very sensitive skin, improving red skin.
  • Panthenol and hyaluronic acid: Supplying moisture to the dried skin with troubles.
  • Sigesbeckia orientalis extract and Cordyceps Extract: It protects skin from external stress with anti-oxidantation effect and maintain skin transparent and clean affecting collagen, hemoglobin and melanin related to skin color.
  • I recommend people who have the following symptom.

    Magener healing ampule normalizes sensitive skin with frequent troubles quickly and makes skin moist and healthy supplying moisture continuously.

  • Serious dry or sensitive skin
  • Skin with frequent pimples and troubles
  • Skin sensitive to weather environment such as the change of seasons
  • Skin needed to be defused due to troubles of cosmetics
  • Skin Benefit by CNP

    Clean skin to the inside

    Skin without gloss and trouble

    Skin moist and shining

    Madecassoside: It enhances the skin membrane and defused skin as a centella asiatica extract

    Sigesbeckia orientalis extract and Cordyceps Extract: Improving red part on the inflammation such as trouble parts

    Glycosaminoglycans: Moisture conservation, skin lubrification

    Panthenol: Moisture conservation, preventing pruritus, defusing trouble


    Apply a moderate amount on the entire face after cleansing, use every morning and night as part of daily skincare routine. For best results, use after toner.