Bigelow, グリーンティー ピーチ、 20ティーバッグ、 0.91 oz (25 g) (Discontinued Item)


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  • サイズ: 0.15 kg, 2.8x5.3x3.1 in
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  • Family Tea Blenders Since 1945
  • Tea Bags Individually Wrapped in Foil Pouches
  • Freshness Stays in. Air and Moisture Stays out
  • A Sweet Peach Note Enhances our Delicate Green Tea
  • Healthy Antioxidants
  • All Natural
  • Kosher Parve
  • Blended And Package In The USA
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • The Connecticut Tea Party

    In 1995, Bigelow Tea moved from New York to Connecticut. Soon afterwards, back-to-back hurricanes hit! Connecticut rivers, including the Norwalk River, where the new factory resided, rose up over 35 feet, moving over 50 miles an hour. Ruth and David Bigelow worried desperately about their fledging 10 years old business. When they finally reached the factory, they saw their own version of the "Connecticut Tea Party" The building was flooded and all of their tea had washed down the river. Although devastated, Ruth (in her 60's) and David (in his late 70's) were determined not to give up their dream. Turning to an employee, Ruth asked " How long till we can get back in business? It took tremendous effort to get everything in order again. Who extended them whatever they needed, the Bigelows were back in business in just a few months. Their tenacity is the foundation of what our company is built on. Our family learned two lessons that we still adhere to: always pay your bills on time, and when you get knocked down, just get right back up!

    We're proud of Our Recipe

    We've added juicy peach flavor to our hand-picked green tea. The result is a smooth and soothing cup of oh so delicious green tea with a sweet peach note. Sure to satisfy all of your taste buds.

    ...Here's the key

    We use a special foil pouch to protect your tea from any air, moisture and surrounding aromas. So open and enjoy the unparalled

    Flavor - Freshness - Aroma

    Of Bigelow tea everywhere you go!

    Caffeine Meter† Coffee 100-120 mg Black Tea 30-60 mg Green Tea 25-50 mg Decaf Tea 1-8 mg Herb Tea 0 mg † Represents average caffeine content- individual products may vary.


    2 steps to a great cup

    Be sure to start with fresh cold water and bring to a rolling boil.

    Pour over tea bag, steep for 3 minutes (or whatever tine you like), remove bag (but no squeezing please!)

    For Iced tea by the glass: Steep a little longer. Pour over ice.