Abra Therapeutics, マッスルセラピーバス、ユーカリ & ローズマリー、17 oz (482 g) (Discontinued Item)


  • A Natural Mineral Bath
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Pure Desert Minerals
  • Pure Organic Herbal Extracts
  • Organic for Over 30 Years
  • Formulated for Powerful Relief

  • Dissolves Easily
  • No Uncomfortable Rock Salt
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Fragrances or Colors
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Animal Ingredients
  • Soothes Sore Muscles • Relieves Aches & Pains

    ABRA Therapeutic Baths start with highly concentrated botanical infusions of organically grown roots, leaves, barks, flowers and therapeutic essential oils to provide the entire spectrum of plant nutrients to your body. ABRA Baths contain only natural, nutrient-rich minerals that soften skin and create an ideal delivery system for dispersing our proprietary botanical infusions. ABRA botanicals do not float to the surface and away from your skin. Instead, bio-available herbal nutrients stay suspended in water to nourish your cells.


    Pour desired amount into running bath water. Swirl to dissolve. Relax in bath for 20-30 minutes. Safe for spas and hot tubs.

    モハベ砂漠のミネラルの天然ブレンド。ホウ酸ナトリウムおよびソーダ灰-有機オリーブ油(オレアユーロペア)、ベイラウル(ラウルス・ノワリス)、ベアベリー葉(アークトスターフィロス・ウバ - ウルシ)、セージ葉(サルビアオフィシナリス)の有機抽出物。ユーカリ(ユーカリシトリオドラ)、ローズマリー(ロスマリヌスオフィシナリス)、ジュニパー(ジュニパーラスコムシス)、レモングラス(シムボポゴンシトラタス)、モミ(アビスシビリカ)の精油。