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Source Naturals, ウェルネス、イヤーエイク(耳の痛みに)、ホメオパシー剤 48 錠


  • Brands製造元 : ソースナチュラルズ
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  • UPCコード : 021078012634
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  • With PainSoothe™ Homeopathic Belladonna & Mullein
  • Children's Formula
  • Pain
  • Blockage
  • Inflammation
  • Irritability
  • Fever
  • Homeopathy is a special approach to Wellness that works by stimulating your body's own natural defenses to fight earache symptoms.

    For the temporary relief of ear pain, blockage, ear inflammation, irritability and fever associated with earaches.


    Chew 1 tablet slightly and let it dissolve in the mouth or under the tongue. For infants, crush a tablet between two spoons, add water or juice if desired, and place in mouth. Repeat every 2 to 4 hours as needed, for up to 48 hours. For optimal results take 3-4 doses per day. One or two doses per day may be taken for up to 4 weeks if symptoms recur or do not resolve completely. Give Wellness EarAche to children or infants over 6 month of age. This product is not recommended for use by infants under 6 months of age without the advice of your physician.

    For best results: Keep mouth free of food and strong tastes (such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and tobacco) for 15 minutes before and after taking this medicine. These substances may interfere with sublingual absorption.

    成分:活性:カプシクム・アヌウム(Cayenne Pepper)6X、シリカ(Silica)6X、ベルバスカム・タプサス(Mullein)6X、フェラムリン(Ferrosoferric Phosphate)12X、Kali Muriaticum(塩化カリウム)12X、Aconitum napellus(Aconite)ナイトシェード)30X、カルカレアカーボニカ(炭酸カルシウム)30X、プルサチラ(風フラワー)30X-不活性:ロクトースおよびステアリン酸マグネシウム。