Paradise Herbs, エネルギーネクター、チャヴァナプラーシュ活力ブレンド、10.58オンス (300 g) (Discontinued Item)


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  • サイズ: 0.40 kg, 4.3x2.4x2.3 in
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  • Made With Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Made With Wild Crafted Ingredients
  • With 150:1 Extracts
  • 30 Servings
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Suitable for Vegetarians, Non-GMO and Naturally Gluten Free
  • Enhancing Nature's Miracles Since 1994
  • Paradise Energy Nectar is not just your ordinary Chyawanprash. Our Energy Nectar is super infused with extremely powerful extracts of Certified Amla, Ashwagandha and Pippali (Indian Long Pepper). It is formulated with an extra emphasis on using pure ethically wild crafted and clean ingredients. It was designed for year round use and has a balancing and tonifying affect for any constitution. Our Energy Nectar is hand made with the freshest Amla and prepared in the traditional way for maximum therapeutic activity.

    Over thousands of years of wisdom have come to pass in carefully preparing and combining the most revered Ayurvedic herbs in the world to make up Chyawanprash. It is the most widely consumed of all of the Ayurvedic formulas and has been traditionally used for supporting daily energy, wellness and overall vitality.


    One teaspoon daily or as directed by your qualified healthcare practitioner.

    Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (approx. 10 grams)
    Servings Per Container: 30
    Amount Per Serving % DV+
    Calories 35
    Total Fat 1 g 2%
    Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
    Trans fat 0 g 0%
    Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
    Sodium 0 mg 0%
    Total Carbohydrates 7 g 2%
    Fiber 3 g 12%
    Sugars 7 g
    Protein 2 g
    Ethically Wild Crafted Herbs:
    Amla fruit (fresh), Long Pepper fruit, Red Sandalwood heartwood, Malabar Tree leaf, Ashwagandha root, Shatavari root, Bacopa leaf, Holy Basil leaf, Ginger rhizome, Raisin fruit, Licorice stem, Phyllanthus whole plant, Zedoary rhizome (White turmeric), Cinnamon bark, Saffron stigma, Wild Cardamom seed, Kudzu root, Arjuna bark, Chebulic Myrobalan fruit, Sacred Lotus seed, Neem leaf, Tribulus fruit, Golden Apple fruit, Indian Tinospora stem, Nut Grass whole plant, Leptadenia leaf, Boerhavia root, Mesua flower
    2820 mg *
    Certified Organic SCO Extracts 150:1
    Amla fruit extract, Ashwagandha root extract, Long Pepper fruit extract
    150 mg *
    +Percent D/V based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    * Daily Value not established.