Organyc, オーガニックコットンパッド、多い日用、10枚


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  • サイズ: 0.33 kg, 7.6x4.1x3.3 in
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  • Clinically Proven Protection for You and Your Sensitive Skin
  • Only Certified Organic Cotton
  • Unsurpassed Absorbency
  • No Perfumes, Dyes, Colors, Wood Pulp
  • 10 Feminine Care Pads
  • Made with Organic Materials Certified by ICEA
  • Clinically-Proven Protection
  • Folded Pads in Biodegradable Individual Wrapping
  • Made with Certified Organic Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Made with Safe Ingredients
  • Veganok
  • Clinically Proven Protection

    Gynecologist-directed clinical study a global teaching hospital.

  • 99% of women who used Organyc brand pads, experienced a reduction in skin irritation after just oe period of use.

  • Organyc brand pads reduced or eliminated redness-itching-irritation-swelling-burning-dryness*.

    The Organyc Difference
  • Fast, unsurpassed absorbency
  • Only Certified Organic Cotton where the pad touches you
  • Only Certified Organic Cotton inside to absorb and breathe
  • Organyc brand pads reduced or eliminated redness-itching-irritation-swelling-burning-dryness.
  • Certified Organic Cotton Topsheet - Helps resolve and protect against skin irritation
  • Comfort Wings - Designed to protect against leaks
  • Certified Organic Cotton Core - Ultrathin design with unsurpassed absorbency.
  • Biodegradable backsheet made of corn starch
  • Does Not Contain
  • Chlorine
  • Wood Pulp
  • Perfumes
  • Dyes or Colors
  • *More M. et al. "Evaluation of safety and skin tolerability of organic cotton pads in cas of irritative vulvitis" Minerva Ginecol 2018- 70 (6)- 729-737.


    Complete Line For All Your Absorbency Needs:

    Liners - Light Flow

    Moderate - Medium Flow

    Heavy - Heavy Flow

    Super - Heaviest Flow and Overnight