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Dragon Herbs, スプリングドラゴン・ロンジェビティー・ティー, カフェインフリー, ティーバッグ 20袋, 1.8 オンス (50 g)


  • Brands製造元 : ドラゴンハーブス
  • プロダクトコード Product Code: DRA-00601
  • UPCコード : 679372006011
  • サイズ: 0.15 kg, 5.1x3.2x2.8 in
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  • The Healthiest Tea on Earth
  • A Gynostemma Based Tea
  • One Tea Bag = 3 Cups
  • One Box = 60 Cups
  • Enjoy a Cup of Health Every Day!
  • Explore a Whole Realm of Difference
  • Dragon Herbs has developed a special Super-Infusion process.

    Spring Dragon Longevity Tea is more than just a blend of 6 chopped herbs. Five premier tonic herbs have been optimally extracted together, resulting in a thick concentrated syrup. The syrup is then infused into premium grade Gynostemma leaves. The saturated leaves are carefully dried, locking in the superior range of phytonutrients from all the tonic herbs. The result is a super-potent herbal formulation.

    This proprietary process ensures that our tonic herbal tea is 5 to 10 times stronger than other herbal teas that are just blends of chopped herbs.

    To Please

    This healthy tea is extremely pleasing and intensely refreshing.

    To Enhance

    This tonic is carefully crafted to enhance your longevity, adaptability, and thrivability™! (We're talking about thriving here, not just surviving!)

    Throughout Asia, Gynostemma teas are consumed as a daily tea by health conscious folks. Gynostemma is known as "Magical Grass" in China. It is commonly used as an adaptability-enhancing anti-aging herb. Gynostemma is an herb with double direction activity. It can be consumed in the morning to help you get started for the day. It can also be drunk at night to help you relax. Spring Dragon Longevity Tea contains no caffeine. With five premier tonic herbs infused with premium grade Gynostemma leaves, this tea yields one of the most broad spectrum health promoting tonic brews in the world.


    Gynostemma(プレミアムグレードの葉のみ)は、luo han guo、schizandra、lycium、astragalus、およびeleuthero(別名シベリアニンジン)の抽出物を注入しました。


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