Bluebonnet Nutrition, コーシャ・フィッシュオイル、 天然オメガ3、 ベジタリアンソフトジェル120粒


  • Purity · Potency · Freshness Guaranteed, 3rd Party Tested
  • Made with Non GMO Ingredients
  • Natural Triglyceride Form
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Kosher Parve
  • Gluten Free
  • Bluebonnet's Natural Omega-3 Kosher Fish Oil Vegetarian Softgels supply EPA, DHA and DPA from kosher-certified fish oil in a natural triglyceride form for enhanced bioavailability, as well as with natural preservatives, rosemary extract and non-GMO tocopherols, for greater stability. This fish oil is derived from deep sea, cold water fish wild caught off the coast of Peru, which are not treated with hormones or antibiotics. Since it is sustainably harvested by Peruvian fisheries that are tightly regulated, the fish populations and environment are protected for generations to come. In addition, this fish oil is steam distilled as a part of a four-step purification process, which virtually eliminates all heavy metals (e.g., mercury), PCBs and other contaminants, as well as the unpleasant fishy taste and odor typically associated with marine fish oils. Furthermore, this product has been 3rd party tested by an independent, cGMP-registered laboratory using AOAC international protocols for purity and potency. Available in easy-to-swallow, kosher-certified vegetarian softgels for maximum assimilation and absorption.



    コンテナ当たりの摂取量: 60
    サービングあたりの金額 %日量
    カロリー 20
    脂肪からのカロリー 20
    総脂質 2g 3
    飽和脂肪 0.6g
    多価不飽和脂肪 0.6g
    一不飽和脂肪 0.5g
    フィッシュオイル 2000 mg *
    トータルオメガ3脂肪酸 580 mg *
    EPA(エイコサペンタエン酸) 370 mg *
    DHA(ドコサヘキサエン酸) 120 mg *
    DPA(ドコサペンタエン酸) 30 mg *