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Badger Company, オーガニック、アフターシェーブ、ナビゲータークラス、マンケア、クーリング・ベルガモット、 4 オンス (118 ml) (Discontinued Item)


  • Brands製造元 : バジャーカンパニー
  • プロダクトコード Product Code: WSB-13024
  • UPCコード : 634084130249
  • サイズ: 0.42 kg, 1.9x1.9x5.2 in
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Navigator Class Man Care
  • USDA Organic
  • For Adventurous Gents
  • Cruelty Free
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Certified Organic by NH Dept. of Agr. Mkts., & Food
  • Good Grooming
  • Cool, Soothe & Moisturize!
  • Certified Organic and 100% Natural
  • Great for All Skin Types
  • Badger After Shave Face Oil is a cooling, soothing and moisturizing oil with a hint of Bergamot. Feels good, smells good, and helps to condition and nourish skin. Dab it on. Consider it done.

    You casually toss your duffel onto the bunk of the tramp steamer. Crossing the channel in your biplane was tough. This next mission will be tougher. You barely recognize the travel weary face in the mirror. But for the first time in weeks, you shave. And when you bravely finish with a cooling, soothing dab of After Shave Face Oil, you look and feel calm and steady, and ready for a challenge. Because you are the Navigator.


    最高の結果を得るために, 剃りたての肌を冷水ですすぎタオルで軽くたたく用に乾かしてください。少量を手のひらに出し、肌に直接つけてください。毎日のモイスチャライザーとしてもお使いいただけます。